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      Poetry Band: Christian 'Revival'; Modern-Day Poetry Band Reinvents the Spiritual 

       LOS ANGELES, May 8 (AScribe Newswire) -- A fusion of guitar-driven rock/jazz and spoken word come to the fore with the innovative recordings of Poetry Band - a one-of-a kind Christian band, featuring the visionary poems of the group's founder, author Wilson Sherman, hailed by critics for his "passion and sense of conviction."

       With Christian enlightenment, human rights, and safety awareness at the heart of his work, Wilson is building a devoted congregation of readers, listeners and fellow artists. To date, the lyrical poet has penned the two poetry books, "Rooms" and "Exit," and is preparing to return to the studio to record a solo reading and DVD of the famous poem, "Everlasting Gospel" by legendary poet and illustrator, William Blake.

       A promoter of spoken word accompanied by music, Blake once said of the art form, "... By means of sounds of spiritual music, and its accompanying expressions of articulate speech, is bold, daring, and most mastery conception, that the public embrace and approved with avidity."

       A fervent student of Blake's work, Wilson has made it his mission to exhibit a modern twist on musical worship, which was practiced as far back as Biblical times.

       "The first poetry band," Wilson says, "was David reading and singing his Psalms while the musicians jammed along."

       According to, Wilson's "passion and sense of conviction are undeniable. His artistic integrity is unwavering, and his music stands out as truly unique in our age of cookie-cutter pop stars."

       Comprised of an ever-growing ensemble of accomplished musicians, Wilson's Poetry Band evokes spiritual communication enriched by musical pieces in a variety of genres, including orchestral compositions and unplugged instrumental solos. Poetry Band is expanding the horizons of spirituals in music history with all-original music and verse composed by members of the group. All of the ensemble's live CDs feature the artists at their best, playing extended improvisational jam sessions.

       Current Poetry Band players will showcase their versatile musicianship and appreciation for a smoothed-out softer jazz sound when they unveil their new groundbreaking CD, "Revival," a psalm and musical celebration that follows their three previous live CDs, "Resurrection," "In a Poem" and "Exit." The theme of the upcoming release is "Spirit Praise" for as Wilson has stated, "The Holy Ghost is alive and well and speaks daily to honest, God loving people."

       Wilson and Poetry Band are now holding auditions for new musicians to join their creative team for the Revival CD/DVD recording. The group is seeking virtuoso musicians, who wish to experience a live spiritual recording session. Interested and qualified parties may contact Additionally, Poetry Band also seeks an independent label or backers.

       Poetry Band CDs and Wilson Sherman's books are available at bookstores, record stores, and online companies, including, and Barnes & Noble bookstores.

       "The best art is novel and new." - William Blake

       "True art is inspiration. . . communion with the Holy Spirit. Spirit is in the word inspiration." - Wilson Sherman


       San Francisco native Wilson Sherman founded Poetry Band in 1992. He began studying the work of the great poet and illustrator William Blake in high school and has been sharing his spiritual expression with others ever since. An accomplished songwriter, Wilson has been an ASCAP member since 1984, and has written songs for Columbia Pictures and the popular NBC soap opera, "Days of Our Lives." On top of his artistic efforts, Wilson is a dedicated safety advocate. In 1988, he founded the Automobile Safety Foundation (, and continues to promote the importance of safe driving through his music, poetry and prose.

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Article by: Melissa Rowley


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