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By Mark Edward Nero


 (Los Angeles, Calif. – Aug. 19, 2005) -- Members of many bands don’t even read books, much less write them. But Poetry Band is far from your average rock band.


As the name implies, Poetry Band is a thrilling blend of avant-garde poems combined with guitar-driven music. Poetry Band features the visionary poems of author Wilson Sherman combined with an ever-growing collective of accomplished musicians. Though current releases are in a jazz-rock groove, new recordings could range from the London

Philharmonic to a solo guitar, trumpet or flute.


They are one of the few spoken word Christian bands in America. So, why use spoken word and poetry? Simple - it was one of the first ways of communicating with God.


“The first poetry band,” Wilson Sherman says, “was David reading his Psalms while the musicians jammed along!”


This modern-day Poetry Band has recently recorded two live, improvisational music poetry CDs, which feature spoken word, songs and long jams combined and woven into a kind of modern psychedelic theatre. The two CDs, “Resurrection” and “Exit” were released in late spring and act as companion pieces to two of Wilson Sherman books of poetry, “Rooms” and “Exit.”


The CDs are extended jam sessions, with “Exit,” clocking in at 65 straight minutes of continuous music, which may be a record for a Christian rock act. The themes vary from enlightening Christian spirituals to urgent social commentary.


Accompanying Wilson’s amazing vocals on “Exit” are featured musicians John Rekevics on saxophone/flute/clarinet; Darrell Fields on guitar; bassist/pianist Steve Blake; and drummer Jim Guercio. Jim’s father, Joe Guercio, was Elvis Presley’s orchestra leader for many years. With a free-flowing quality that still has an edge, “music the wine, and poetry the bread,” superbly fused by Poetry Band. Bravo!


The music is very melodic and melancholy at points, yet boiling over in intensity at times. Listening to the extended jams is truly an unforgettable experience.


By conveying important messages about God, as well as delivering important social and political commentary, this album takes many risks, and for this reason, Wilson has been called both the “God Poet” and “Outlaw Poet.”


Proceeds from “Exit” are being donated to the Automobile Safety Foundation, an independent, non-profit organization that researches and develops ways to improve vehicle safety while addressing public driving awareness and auto safety issues. For more on ASF, visit


Also of interest is the Poetry Band web page:, that has everything from a cure for cancer, (“Read these words/most astute/a cure for cancer/is Bloodroot,”) to “Buster,” an amazing space rock find.



Poetry Band CDs and Wilson Sherman’s books are available at your book and record store as well as many online companies, including and, and Barnes & Noble bookstores.





Critics offer praise for “Exit:”

“Although those not of the Christian faith might have a harder time relating to Wilson Sherman's work, his passion and sense of conviction are undeniable. His artistic integrity is unwavering, and his music stands out as truly unique in our age of cookie-cutter pop stars.” –

“This is a great and refreshing album from everything else that has been coming out lately. This album takes a risk. Something more artists should try doing. The risk the Poetry Band took paid off as this is a must have for all music collectors.”  -- Jason Pepe , Zero Magazine,

“This is one of the most genuinely fervent … recordings I've ever heard. Somebody should lock the doors of Congress and pipe this into their sound system and force them to hear it. You could check it out now and get a copy while it's still available.” –


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