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"Reason, or the ratio of all we have already known, is not the same that it shall be when we know more." William Blake

Calling on Earthlings.come and witness an animate space gem! Now presenting two non fiction videos, a 2014 photo (time lapse/closeup) study of an amazing space gem discovered one starry summer night, after suddenly landing in La Jolla, California.

Sapphire, diamond, emerald and ruby, unexplored oceans, infinite outer space. So get ready to.

Rock out!

Now enter the space gem nick-named, "Buster," (like "Hope diamond"). The size of a penny, and the weight of about a nickel coin, size and weight are the only features comparable to terrestrial stones. Shining silver, with a unique mirror like surface, where black shadows slowly move, Buster is truly a wondrous anomaly.

Is there evidence or proof that the Buster gem is extraterrestrial? Yes indeed. Witness the unearthly phenomenon such as: appearing metallic, while actually translucent (shine a light through the silver surface in the dark, and interior areas turn blood red). Mark the even more startling phenomenon: the silver exterior and red interior imagery are mutable; in a subtle, but constant state of flux (as witnessed by the undoctored timelapse seen in this video). Buster is animate!

San Diego UCSD science department conducted several tests, such as spectrum analysis, but were unable to determine a scientific identity, and so the space gem remains a UFO or unidentified object, and astounding proof that there is life in outer space!

Is Buster alive, intelligent, sentient, and or, have a message? One message is apparent..

In God infinite universe, all things are possible!

At this time, Buster founders/handlers have chosen to remain anonymous, however, for the advancement of human and space intelligence, are extending an offer (or even challenge) to select qualified authorities, and or, special interest groups, the opportunity to help research and promote this extraordinary discovery. Please send, scope of interest (video, TV, etc.) credentials, and contact information to: ufogem@gmail.com.